10’0″ or 8’10″ Oahu by Pau Hana Board: $1,249.99

The Pau Hana Oahu SUPThe Oahu is designed for stability, maneuverability, and fun. With a flat deck, extra width and a round nose, this board will perform well in a variety of conditions. For smaller or more experienced riders, the Oahu will provide you with a more challenging and fun experience than a larger board. Additionally, it’s shorter length and lighter weight make it an easy board to carry and transport out of the water.

The Oahu is available in both 10’0″ (187 Liters) and 8’10″ (159 Liters).

10′ x 32″ x 4 1/4″ – 28 lbs. (for riders up to 225 lbs.)

8’10″ x 31″ x 4 1/4″ – 22 lbs. (for riders up to 170 lbs.)

Who this board is right for:

This board is perfect for a smaller or more experienced rider who values stability, but doesn’t need the extra volume and weight of a larger board.

**Please contact us to validate board and color availability before placing online orders**

  • Product Specs

    Board dimensions:

    10'0" x 32" x 4 1/4" or 8'10" x 32" x 4 1/4"


    10" Single Fin box and two FCS side biters Deck mounted center handle for easy carry EVA deck pad Bamboo Deck

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